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Staff Safety – by strong awareness of safety in staff mindset and strict safe operation.

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Staff Structure

More than 80% of our employees have been working in SupAnchor for more than 10 years, which is not a common phenomenon in anchor manufacturing industry, especially when “job-hopping” has become a hot buzzword nowadays. Meanwhile, as long as we are growing up, fresh blood is always being injected into our enterprise, with eyes on long-term development.
There are 15 Engineers serving for SupAnchor, including on Mechanics, 
FRP, Automation, Hot Treatment and Casting. The number of our technology engineers is the most in anchor bar manufacturing field in Asia which gives us strength to be always creative, innovative and leading the market.
Veteran staff together with vigorous fresh blood fosters SupAnchor into a SUPER POWER Team.  

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Salary and Welfare

100% of our employees are covered by medical and social security according to Chinese Law. This policy gives our employees a sense of security and makes them feel comfortable to work in SupAnchor for a long time.
review is conducted every year, and the annual average increasing rate is 8%, which enables SupAnchor to retain our employees efficiently. The average turnover rate in SupAnchor is < 5% which is a healthy level in an enterprise.
To make employees feel home and work without concern, SupAnchor provides daily transportation, work meals and accommodation for employees with no further expenditure needed from them.
Annual on-paid leave system is available for employees. It enables them to take a break from a long time of hard work, refresh themselves, which is proved to be a good way for both the company and the employees. They always bring new ideas along with them when they return back to work.
Annual on-paid short-term tourism is part of our company culture. By taking this opportunity, employees can have a chance to relax, share ideas, and make friendship. It is also a great opportunity for building up teamwork spirit.
Maternity and nursing leave policy in SupAnchor. It is our mission to try our best to provide a warm, comfortable work environment for our employees, helping them to develop a sense of belongings.

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Training and Development

100% of our employees are trained at least 4 times per year, including management knowledge, technology, occupational skills, HSE, language and so on. Internal promotion/succession plan is introduced in SupAnchor, employees with outstanding performances have the opportunity to get promotion based on his/her ability and willingness.

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Employees of Month and Year Rewarding Policy. The Appraisal is made every month and year, with objective to reward outstanding employees and encourage for better performances.

Monthly birthday party. It is a super happy moment for SupAnchor family.

SupAnchor’s football team was set up in 2009. Up to now, the most welcoming people in the filed is still the CheersLeading Members. 


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Teamwork Spirit Upgrading Program. It is an ongoing program which would be carried out in form of training, teamwork activities, and some other new ideas.
Program. By this program, our employees who have grievance can have the right channel to speak out. All complaints would be handled appropriately.


During the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, SupAnchor donated totally RMB 300,000 ($50,000) for the earthquake victims. All SupAnchor members also participated in the reconstruction activities.

As an enterprise with high sense of social responsibility, SupAnchor developed a complete range of energy saving program. It is our mission to grow up into a modern environmental protection company.

SupAnchor has its own community serving team, which plays an important role in community social service.




Rehiring policy opens gate for former staff who wants to come back to SupAnchor.

Mr. Zhang, Mechanical Technician in PDT, left in 1998 due to personal reason, rejoined SupAnchor in 2005. Now he’s playing an important role in PDT and has made great contributions for all new work lines’ installation and commissioning. SupAnchor appreciates it very much for his great contributions. 

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Words from Sup-Staff


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 "My grandson is 5 years old. He likes watching me making mechanical drawings. I am very proud of it!"

- From Mr.Long






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 "One of my favorite hobbies is to watch detective movies. I couldn’t help keeping on looking for bugs. My wife always complains that it’s my occupational habit when she watches with me."

- From Mr.Chen






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"Jigsaw Master is my nickname. No matter how complicated the jigsaw game is, it’s just a piece of cake for me. The whole layout in my warehouse is the most beautiful jigsaw in my eyes."

- From Mr.Chen







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"My favorite sport is soccer and I am a Striker in SupAnchor soccer team. Every time we’d high five when we score, but I know I cannot make it without my team."

- From Mr.Lee