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SupFRP SDA Bolt-SupAnchor

SupFRP SDA Bolt SupFRP Hollow Bolt I  SupFRP Solid Bolt I  SupFRP Rebar

The SupFRP® GFRP SDA Bolt can realize fast drilling and installation due to its unique function which integrates drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole!

The central hole allows flushing with water during drilling and the execution of anchor grouting. 

The GFRP SDA Bolt can be used in soft rock or clay soil, for the reinforcement of the face of the tunnel or for slope stabilization.

Furthermore the cuttability protects the machinery by avoiding obstructions while drifting or enlarging tunnels. 

The length is flexible due to cuttability and connection by couplings.




H25S / H28S / H32S / H38S    








►Permanent application

►Super high torque resistance

►High end loading

►Easy handing


►ISO standard thread profile




►Face stabilization


►Slope stabilization

►Ground support in soft rock

►Roof and wall bolting




Technical Data






   SGS Test Report of SupFRP SDA Bolt



 SupFRP SDA Bolt SupFRP Hollow Bolt I SupFRP Solid Bolt