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2014 celebrate National day Badminton Contest for fun

On the 4th of October, an interesting badminton contest was held in “The Sunshine”badminton court near our western plant. Supanchor staff gathered together not only to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the founding of China, but also to get a chance to bond with each other.
Two leaders were voted by Supanchor guys in advance.They have right to choose athletes they wanted for their team. However, instead of choosing the players freely, they had to win a little game first! Haha…..,China classic  finger-guessing game: Rocks Papers Scissors ! Soon, even the beginning of the contest was full of surprises and laughter.
After that, the two team leaders and their team members had to figure out a practical scheme in order to have a better chance to win!It was not an easy job because they needed to estimate the arrangement of players on the other side and then arrange their own players. There were five player-teams introduced, namely:  men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. 
As you can imagine, it was indeed an intense contest. The point totals of the two teams were very close. When the fourth turn was over, the score was 2:2; in the end the team led by Xiaopang played extremely hard and won the game. 
It was a contest, and it was more than a contest. The point is we really have fun! SupAnchor’s management believes that their duty is not only to supply jobs for their employees, but also a more colorful life.


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