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SupAnchor arranged a CS event

On 2nd, November, SupAnchor arranged a CS event for the purpose of riching employees’ life experience and getting to know more about each other.
Located in Chaxigu, Puyang town, Dujiangyan city, the CS training base is surrounded by dense woods, green grasses. It is a perfect place for playing CS.No sooner had the coach illustrated the rules had us equipped ourselves, cannot wait to get in the battle.
It took us a while to get into this game. As time went by, we became totally into it. The forests, the grasses had become a real battlefield of us! “I thought I could only see this in movies!! I never thought I could experience it in my real life!!” We exclaimed.
This was a brand-new experience for us. In future more activities will be arranged. Cannot wait!


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