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The First English Day of SupAnchor

For marketing department, English is a useful tool of salespeople. In order to give our customers a better experience as well as polish our customer service, we have decided that every Friday should be our “Special English Day”.
On “English day”, every employee is asked to speak English only, including meeting, daily communications, and so on. If Chinese slip out of anyone’s mouth, then they would be “punished to clean”.
Last Friday was the first English day. It was such a wonderful experience. Everyone got positively involved in this activity. “I have never experienced this before, it is so impressive!” said Sarah, “This is a good way for us to improve our oral English. Besides, it provides me the courage of speaking English out loud.”
English day will not only stimulate the enthusiasm of English learning in SupAnchor, but also create a good atmosphere of English speaking. We will stick in it.



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