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Eastern  plant: 1.5 hours to Shanghai Port
Western plant: 1 hour to Chengdu International
Happy Growing, Joyful Working

 “The youth are always the power source of SupAnchor’s further development.”
As a specialized self drilling anchor bolt manufacturer and exporter with broad perspective, SupAnchor cares about the growth of young staff as it cares about the backbone of SupAnchor, paying attention to their mental communication and physical ability cultivation.
On February 11th, a theme activity called Happy Growing, Joyful Working” was held in SupAnchor. Post 80s, 90s gathered together, shared their dreams and goals on work and life, and voiced their inner thoughts and occupational vision. The representative of post 70s played the role of “Sharing Tutor” in the activity. By sharing the learning, working and growing experience in SupAnchor, he encouraged the young people to keep studying, love studying, to devote themselves to SupAnchor’s sustainable development.
It was such a meaningful activity. It created an opportunity for SupAnchor to know about the young employees such as their state of mind, pressure of life, mental needs, etc. Understanding their needs helps company manage them sensibly and guide them perceptually.
Let’s be together, Happy Growing, Joyful Working!


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