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The Construction of the Second Airport of Chengdu Is Approved

Category : Happy broadcast

As the No.1 exporter and manufacturer of SDA bars in Asia, there comes a good news to Chengdu where the western plat of SupAnchor is located–There will be a second international airport for Chengdu.

Recently, the construction of the second airport of Chengdu (Chengdu Tianfu International Airport) was officially approved and started.

Chengdu is the first national-level aviation hub of West China. The new airport is located in the national-level new district which is called “Tianfu New District of Sichuan”.

With a total investment of 69.2 billion Yuan, second in size only to Beijing’s new airport, this airport will run in 2020.

This will make Chengdu the third city with two airports after Beijing and Shanghai. The cargo shipping time will be saved in half and a faster delivery response the customers will get.2

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SupAnchor’s Baseball Match

Category : Happy Messenger

A baseball match was held in SupAnchor on Nov. 1st, 2015.
The SupStaff were divided into two teams respectively named “SupAnchor” & “SupFRP”. Led by professional coaches, batting, throwing, catching and offense training was carried out, and a fierce match was launched between two teams. Ultimately, “SupAnchor” won over “SupFRP” with score of 7 vs 6.
“Quality, Safety, Integrity and Responsibility” is commitment from SupAnchor for every client for each single anchor bar. And this match enhanced SupAnchor’s team pride and cohesion, inspired the staff with faith of unity and effort to create new values for the customers by working together.201511060937533352