Self drilling Anchor System Accessories

Safe anchoring application of 39,000,000 meters of SupAnchor ® SDA and SupFRP ® GFRP rock bolts globally.
Drilling Bits
Steel Cross Bit EX
For loose to medium dense ground conditions
Carbide Cross Bit EXX
For soft to medium rock formations
Steel Button Bit ES
For unconsolidated rock with boulders
Carbide Button Bit ESS
For medium rock formations
Clay Bit EW
For clay, sand, loose ground & fill
Clay Cross Bit EWX
For mixed soil with obstacles
Hardened Drop Centre Bit EY
For fills
Carbide Drop Centre Bit EYY
For competent ground & strong rock
Hardened Arching Bit EC
For unconsolidated soil with small boulders
Carbide Arching Bit ECC
For soft to medium rock formations
Anchor Coupling
Anchor Coupling
With center stop
Anchor Nuts
Anchor Nuts
HEX, spherical
Anchor Plate
Anchor Plate
Domes, flat, with/out slope
Cast steel, keep the bar being centralized
Drill Bit Adapter
Drill Bit Adapter
To connect drill bits with different diameter of bars
Rotary injection adaptor
Rotary Injection Adaptor
Drilling, flushing, grouting
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